Hi, I'm

Eric Alfaro

MIT EECS, game developer, engineer, artist.

About Me

I am a Mexican-American software developer from Houston, Texas. I love computer graphics, game development, and computational biology. My other hobbies include cooking, competitive programming, tinkering with electronics, and playing RPGs. Currently, I am studying computer science and engineering (6-3) at MIT.

A photo of my family and I exploring a cave


  • Godot

  • Python

  • Java

  • C/C++


  • OpenGL

  • 3D Modeling

  • Pixel Art

  • Traditional Art

  • UX Design

  • Sound Design


Protein Visualizer

MIT Manolis Kellis Lab

An interactive visualization of protein structure and behavior through machine learning. Allows users to predict what physical structures in a protein correspond to specific functions.

Screenshot of the protein visualizer

MIT Edgerton Center

A mobile app to aid in meditation with dynamic visuals and responsive sound from Tibetan singing bowls. Implements signal processing algorithms to measure user relaxation using smartphone accelerometers.

Screenshot of the Nāda app


Void Fish

#20/568 in Fish Fest 2024

A horror exploration game with procedural generation where you must protect your flock of fish from the desolate ocean.

Screenshot of Void Fish gameplay
Woof Wizard

#1/300 in LowRezJam 2023

A turn-based RPG packed with action, adventure, and laser-shooting fish using a canvas of only 64x64 pixels.

Screenshot of Woof Wizard gameplay

#23/235 in Nokia 3310 Jam 6

An intense dungeon crawler RPG created within the limitations of a Nokia 3310 phone.

Screenshot of Limbo gameplay
Railway Rider

#5/82 in Godot Wild Jam 59

A 3D platformer where you play in the POV of the train from Subway Surfers.

Screenshot of Railway Rider gameplay
Night Shuriken

#1/39 in Texas Game Jam 2022

A stylized 3D shooter that utilizes negative space to create an eerie and oppressive atmosphere.

Screenshot of Night Shuriken gameplay
Sand Slide

A dynamic and physics-based sandbox game with 100+ elements and a custom element editor. Published on the Google Play Store.

Screenshot of Sand Slide gameplay
Evolution Simulation

A simulation that illustrates the complexity of emergence and natural selection in biological systems.

Screenshot of Evolution Simulation