Hi, I'm

Eric Alfaro

MIT EECS, game developer, engineer, artist.

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  • Python

  • Java

  • C

  • C#

  • C++

  • Assembly

  • Javascript

  • OpenGL Shading Language


  • Godot

  • OpenGL

  • Nginx

  • Gunicorn

  • Flask

  • Git


  • 3D Modeling

  • Pixel Art

  • Traditional Art

  • UI/UX Design

  • Sound Design

  • Data Structures and Algorithms


Protein Visualizer

MIT Manolis Kellis Lab, January 2024

An interactive visualization of protein structure and behavior through machine learning. Allows users to predict what physical structures in a protein correspond to specific functions.

Screenshot of the protein visualizer rendering a detailed and colorful protein structure

Brain Mandelbulb

MIT Edgerton Center, June 2024

A 3D fractal visualization that reacts to the electrical brain activity and mental state of the user.

Screenshot of the Brain Mandelbulb reacting to EEG data

GD Mobile Physiology

MIT Edgerton Center, June 2024

A library that analyzes accelerometer and gyroscope data on smartphones to nonintrusively measure heart and respiration rate.

Screenshot of physiological signals and a singing bowl app using this library


Sand Spoon

A sandbox game that uses AI to infinitely generate new elements from the player's text input.

A user pasting an image into Sand Spoon and drawing over it with flashy, reactive elements

Void Fish

#20/568 in Fish Fest 2024

A procedurally generated horror game where you must protect your flock of fish from the deep, desolate ocean.

A small fish (player) frantically swimming away from a predator

Woof Wizard

#1/300 in LowRezJam 2023

A turn-based RPG packed with action, adventure, and laser-shooting fish on a canvas of only 64x64 pixels.

Screenshot of Woof Wizard's turn-based RPG combat

Railway Rider

#5/82 in Godot Wild Jam 59

A 3D platformer where you play in the POV of the train from Subway Surfers.

Screenshot of cartoonish, 3D subway flying over a color railway

Night Shuriken

#1/39 in Texas Game Jam 2022

A stylized 3D shooter that utilizes negative space to create an eerie and oppressive atmosphere.

Screenshot of Night Shuriken's monochromatic, creepy atmosphere

Sand Slide

A dynamic and physics-based sandbox game with 100+ elements and a custom element editor. Published on the Google Play Store and reached 1200+ players.

Screenshot of explosions and particle reactions in Sand Slide

And much more...

I'm constantly working on new projects! Check my GitHub and Itch.io pages for my latest work. Back to top.

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